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    30 days tourist visa

    AED 350
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    30 days tourist visa Requirments

    In order to process your UAE Visa, you will need the following documents.

    Passport Page

    Passport should be valid for more than 6 months for visa processing


    Passport size photograph with white background.


    Confirmed round trip ticket is mandatory to process uae visa application.

    For Some nationalities we may request for additional documents if necessary for visa application.

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    Once you apply 30 days tourist visa with Naina Tourism:

    • Your visa application is submitted to the Department of Immigration.

      Your application, including necessary details, documents like passport copies, photo, and bank statements (if required) are submitted to the government portal.

      We carefully verifies all documents before submitting to immigration department.
    • Department of Immigration Performs Security checks.

      UAE immigration department conduct background checks for known violations.

    • Visa delivered on time. Guaranteed.

      We work round the clock to ensure your application is processed timely.

    Frequently Asked Questions about 30 days tourist visa to Dubai!

    Dubai offers budget-friendly options for short stays with its 14-day single-entry visa starting at AED 325. For longer visits, 30-day visa for AED 350 and 60-day visa for AED 550.

    Dubai tourist visa applications require your original passport (valid for 6 months+), scanned passport copies, a recent photo, confirmed flight bookings (return trip), hotel reservation confirmation, and a recent bank statement (showing sufficient funds).

    Visa requirements for Dubai vary by nationality. Some nationalities get visa-free entry, while others need a visa on arrival or a pre-arranged visa. For tourists, 30-day dubai tourist visa and 60-day dubai tourist visa are common. Always check official sources for the latest info before your trip.